About Carolina Schmeichler

Carolina Schmeichler, is the creator of the "Carolina Schmeichler Jewerly" at CarosAccesorios brand, an online jewelry and accessories store that sells pieces, which have been acquired with careful selection and good taste, to make all look special.

Carolina began this initiative 25 years ago in Venezuela, participating in many Bazaars and 4 years ago she began her sales in the USA and the rest of the world.



Many years ago, I started attending Bazaars, as a hobby and little by little I became professional in the selection of the best jewelry and accessories, mostly silver and silver with gold plating pieces.

I was expanding, making a Catalog and creating my own brand.  I want to convey a very special and genuine service but at the same time I do not want to lose the touch of trend that makes the pieces special and different.

 The trends in jewelry and accessories go parallel with the clothes and when it comes to dressing, I think about that ideal look.

Our selection is wide and diverse, a reflection of our customers, that  is why you will find always find something suitable for you.